Convenient Food Marts of NEPA

Convenient Food Mart has been operating for more than 30 years throughout NEPA as a highly regarded chain of convenience stores. Convenient Food Mart stores are owned and operated by individual franchisees and their families. Together, we strive to provide the highest level of retail service offering a fast, friendly shopping experience to a diverse and growing customer base. Our entire operation is designed to accommodate the consumer’s needs “conveniently” — Providing long hours, easy parking, complete product selection, and fast service.

local convenience store

Kids can be hard to pack a lunch for especially when you want them to be motivated to eat a full meal. Finding small snacks for kids is tough but you can find all their favorite, delicious snacks at your local Convenient... Read more

after school snacks

We all know that as soon as kids come home from school they usually ask for a snack. You don’t want them ruining their dinner so small after school snacks are perfect. Healthy kids snacks are hard to find as... Read more

Snacks for Summer Cookouts

No cookout is complete without snacks lining the buffet table. You’ve been given the task of finding that perfect snack for the cookout. Lucky for you, you can find all your snacks for summer... Read more

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